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When choosing a contractor, it is important to make sure they have the appropriate State licenses and insurance.  AG Electric complies with all State and local codes, licenses and laws.  With AG you have peace of mind knowing that you are dealing with a solid, professional company with proper certification and training.  Scott Kenyon, owner and president of AG Electric Co. is a third generation electrician. Born and raised in Boynton Beach, Scott has built a reputation as a hard working, honest, electrician and provides quality workmanship at reasonable prices.

Our fully stocked trucks are ready to service all of your electrical needs today.  We offer 24 hour service as well as handling your electrical remodeling and construction needs.  Whether Residential, Commercial, Industrial Service or Construction, we can handle the job. Your job will be done in a neat and professional manner at all times.  Our Electricians are fully trained and licensed to have the qualifications required to meet your needs.

The home’s electrical system operates like a human being’s body.  Circuits and wires carry electricity throughout the home like veins and arteries carry blood to organs and limbs.  Just as blood keeps the body alive, electricity keeps televisions on, computers powered, and refrigerators running. Blood cannot travel throughout a body unless its heart is pumping, and electricity cannot travel throughout a home unless the electrical panel is operating properly.  The panel is the heart of an entire home’s electrical system.  Without a properly functioning panel, nothing electrical in a home will work.  People’s hearts can develop problems due to age, diet, and genetic reasons.  Panels can also develop problems.  Today, there are two brands of panels that may have major manufacturing and/or design flaws that potentially put homeowners at risk – Federal Pacific Electric panels and certain Zinsco panels.  There are also millions of people today who have panels that are more than 40 years old and may no longer protect their homes from overcurrents and short circuits.

This website will provide you with vital information on each of these panels and explain how you can protect your home and loved ones from any possible shock or fire hazard.